Schedule your emails to be sent to Gmail

cancel an email sent on gmail
cancel an email sent on gmail

Last updated: January 2, 2023

Interested in being able to send your emails with schedule from your computer?

Whichever method you use your inbox, you may one day need to schedule sending an email. It can be a simple reminder message like an important email, it is always useful if it is sent at a specific time.

The absence of this option in the messaging services is sorely felt but there is a solution: the SndLatr plugin under Google Chrome will solve this problem!

SndLatr is an extension for Chrome that allows you to schedule the sending of your emails under Gmail. You write your message, you click on the "Send Later" button visible at the bottom left of the composition window, and you choose a date.


Your message will then be automatically placed in the drafts and then sent on the correct date by this Chrome extension. Since it's in drafts, you can even edit the message before it's sent.

To use SndLatr, download and install the pulgin from Chrome Webstore. Log in to your Gmail box. Click on Grant Access then I accept and compose an e-mail.
You will then see that below the Send button, you will have another Send later button. Just choose the date, time or select the day of the week on a calendar.

The button just to the right allows you to create snippets, sort of email templates, in order to save time in your correspondence.

Be careful, if you install this extension, you will have to give it access rights to your Gmail during installation.

Edit: Apartment SndLatr extension is no longer available on the Chrome Web Store. Google messaging now integrates the email scheduling functionality.