Why choose to order business cards online?

Business Card
Business Card

Digital technologies now make it possible to order personalized business cards online professional quality. And even if thedesktop printer at first glance gives good results on a few specimens, it is better to use a printer if one wishes to obtain a careful, regular, convincing and quality result.

New technologies have driven the personalized stationery segment in several directions. Today it is better toopt for creating and printing business cards online. Here's why !

Professional quality at a lower cost

The digitization of printing processes has resulted in lower printing costs and greater competition between printers. The customer is the first beneficiary by taking advantage of lower prices at equal quality. The business card is the first product to be digitized integrating an online design via the internet.

The democratization of personalized products

New technologies have led to productivity gains. They allow printers to offer very high quality business card, in small editions.

By opening up the spectrum of possibilities, the online printing shop offers a much wider range of products to personalize yourself. By integrating photo, logo, symbol, illustrations, it is now possible to create a Corep business card unique in the colors of his company and in accordance with his activity.

Beyond the visit card, it also makes it possible to create unique flyers or invitation cards for a specific event with limited editions for a very affordable production cost.

The liberation of the creativity of printers

La scan of the profession has also opened the floodgates of creativity in the world of printing. Exit the traditional business card in black font on a white background; the business card is now colorful and shimmering. The range of choices is widening in terms of printable media (embossed paper, relief printing, special paper, transparent media, etc.).

The variety of printing media allows create sophisticated business cards unique to the colors of a company. What is valid for the business card is also available on other paper communication media.

All of these media lend themselves to creative communication. The enrichment of these possibilities paves the way for personalization for prestige prints even on small quantity orders.

An enriched user experience

On the customer side, the provision on the website of a design interface that allows view the business card online is a real asset. The customer builds his own product : he becomes the actor and the director.

The interface of the website offers design assistance. She guides the customer through the various stages of creating their business card. This help is enhanced by the provision of printing templates allowing the user to make choices.

La presentation of examples gives the user an idea of ​​the possible renderings. The ease with which the customer can choose the different elements, arrange them to compose his product gives a unique shopping experience.

Taking into account the environmental aspect

The use of recycled paper was the first step for printing professionals.

Today le printer profession has developed specific labels and certifications that take into account the environmental aspect and the ecological footprint of the manufacturing processes. The use of paper from forests managed in an eco-responsible manner, the use of non-polluting inks enter the industrial processes of printers as challenges for the improvement of their profession.