Why I don't like phones Android ?

why I don't like android
why I don't like android

There are hundreds of phones running Android, with different shapes and hardware configurations. And yet they share one common characteristic: they suck.

Here is 5 reasons why I don't like smartphones with Android. 

1) There is no telephone 100% Android

The first reason why phones Android are to be avoided is that there are no phones that work with the original version ofAndroid. With the sole exception of Google Pixel phones, virtually all smartphones "Android" have a slightly different version of the operating system Android.

Most of them use heavily modified user interfaces and terrible uninspired names (One UI? EMUI? ColorOS?).

2) Slow propagation of OS updates

Google releases a version Android every year, with huge improvements compared to the last. But while Google Pixel smartphones receive their updates from day one, all other smartphones Android receive the update months if ever after the original release.


Quite simply because each brand of phone has a different hardware configuration. Which means that each new version ofAndroid must be thoroughly tested by each manufacturer before being deployed on their respective devices.

So most devices Android will only receive at most one or two new operating system updates. Many cheaper models won't have one at all.

3) The application ecosystem Android is a waste

Indeed, Google Play Store today has more than 3 million applications, but how many of them is compatible with your device Android ? And of these, how many work without bugs?

Applications Android are notoriously bad compared to their iOS counterparts, and that's partly because Apple has stricter regulations around app functionality and quality.

That said, the Play Store on Android hosts more garbage apps. And even more serious, you will find some apps that are outright malware.

4) Google Ads Store instead of Google Play Store

As we all know, Google Play Store has a lot of free apps compared to Apple Store. And as the saying goes: "When it's free, you're the product" is not it ?

What you save upfront will cost you your personal data, frustration, time, and lots of pressure to get rid of the ads that plague many free apps available on the Google Play Store.

5) Performance material wasted

Compared to iPhones, smartphones Android have lower efficiency, both in terms of resource and energy optimization.

Apple designs its iOS operating system and the hardware that goes with it. Which means Apple has a lot more control over hardware and software. So they know how much power each app consumes, thus, they are able to modify the battery life and operating system accordingly.

With the chaos that is Android, you cannot replicate this level of control.


In conclusion, despite all these flaws, Android remains one of the best operating systems available in the world today. And you ? You like using phones Android ? Are there any features you particularly like or dislike?

Let me know in the comments, I'm curious about your experience with phones in general (including iPhones).