Why do hackers want to hack your Facebook account?

While millions of Internet users use Facebook daily, cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout to hack them.

But why do they do it? Why would a hacker want login to your facebook account ? Their motives are not always very clear. If some of your information is marketable, it seems the need to stalk is also highly valued in the Facebook hacking community.

In this article, we present to you the 4 main hacker motivations for hacking Facebook accounts.

Stalk a person

Facebook allows stalkers to spy on you. It is common enough that most countries have laws in place to fight against this cyberbullying. The stalkers surely have a good reason for doing so, but the reason itself does not explain it.

Now, most of them probably don't involve account hacking, but for a determined stalker, that's the next step.

A financial motivation

Cybercriminals who are in it for the money can earn a lot by hacking Facebook accounts.

When you send someone you know sensitive information such as a code PIN, a password or your card number, you do it because you trust it. But if your account is compromised, a hacker can also misuse this information.

Even if you do not share anything sensitive, a priori, the multiplication of information that you have left here and there also allows a hacker to reconstruct a fairly precise identity. Enough to try to pretend to be you to relatives to extract money from them on your behalf.

Theft of pro accounts in exchange for a ransom

With online businesses and influencers earning thousands or millions of dollars using Meta's services, hackers may be tempted to take advantage of small and large online businesses.

Access to their accounts is given in exchange for money. Faced with such situations, many companies are tempted to pay the requested ransoms as their data is vital.

Facebook blackmail

The first means of pressure used during a blackmail by facebook is to threaten to send your sensitive data directly to your friends.

If a hacker threatens to send your sensitive data to your Facebook contacts, you can send a message to your friends telling them that a hacker is threatening you and that you should not read their messages or their profile will be hacked. . Usually the threat of a hacker is enough to discourage curiosity.