Visit your favorite websites without internet under Android

offline website
offline website

In some places, it is difficult to receive Internet access on your phone. But now, thanks to the Offline Browser app, there is a solution! This app allows you to save your favorite sites, such as FunInformatique, to read them later without needing the Internet.

It's a bit like putting a site in your pocket to look at later. It's convenient, especially when compared to complicated tools like HTTrack.

Offline is a handy little application that allows you to configure several sites and the level of depth you want to retrieve just as you can do with a website vacuum cleaner such as HTTrack. You can then access websites on your mobile device, even when you do not have an Internet connection.

When you connect to the internet, the application retrieves pages and images from the site (but not videos). And this will then be viewable even when you are disconnected.
Practical for train journeys, plane journeys or in small villages.