Vaccinate your USB keys!

vaccine usb protection
vaccine usb protection

⚠️ Warning: BitDefender USB Immunizer is no longer available

We would like to inform our readers that the tool mentioned in this article, BitDefender USB Immunizer, is no longer available or supported. The information provided in this article may no longer be current, and the tool itself can no longer be downloaded.

The lack of security is the weak point of USB keys that go from computer to computer without more supervision than a quick scan via the antivirus of the host machine.

Now, who has never plugged a key into a Noob (which confuses firewall and extinguisher)? BitDefender USB Immunizer will help avoid the pitfalls ...

What is BitDefender USB Immunizer?

The BitDefender USB Immunizer tool will protect you from worms or Trojans that contaminate USB storage devices.

The software works in two ways. It will first vaccinate your system against these threats by deactivating the “Autorun” function of Windows. This feature allows you to start applications automatically from the device.

Secondly, it will immunize your USB keys/hard drives by creating a new Autorun file at the root of the volume. Healthy INF, but above all not modifiable by any program.

Your peripherals will therefore be immune when connected to infected machines. Even if your keys were to host malware, threats would no longer be able to automatically install themselves on healthy machines.

To use it, nothing could be simpler: just download the small program. Then plug in your USB key, start the application then select the USB storage device you want to vaccinate.


All you have to do is click on the red button USB key to start the process, which will only take a few seconds. A confirmation message should appear.


Finally, you can authorize the automatic immunization of your USB disks as soon as they are connected to your computer in Options (top right)