UTOX: an encrypted and free alternative to Skype

utox an encrypted and free alternative to skype
utox an encrypted and free alternative to skype

Since the Edward Snowden's revelations, we know that large Internet companies are spied on by the NSA. And since many of you want to protect your privacy, so I started sharing secure and open source alternatives to popular software that we use daily.

I have already told you about a French and Open Source alternative to uTorrent and also about a secure alternative to Whatsapp.

In this article, I will give you an alternative to video conferencing software, the famous Skype software.

While Skype passed into the hands of Microsoft and written conversations were not even encrypted locally, the company decided to deprive itself of its P2P architecture to return to a centralized mode. In short, everything is done to spy on you more easily.

So To put an end to evil spies, I present to you uTox, free instant messaging, voice over IP and videoconferencing software operating in peer-to-peer and encrypted form. It requires no installation, 100% encrypted and allows you to chat in writing, via Visio or to send files to each other.

How to use uTox, 100% encrypted video?

Step 1:

Start by download the version of uTox corresponding to your system. Unzip the archive and place the software in the directory of your choice. When first launched, your firewall will ask you for authorization. First go to the user settings at the bottom to copy your Tox ID.


Step 2:

Then send this identifier to your first correspondent by a secure means (Telegram or Textsecure).

Your friend will have to click on the + to add your ID. Click Add to add your friend.


Step 3:

Finally you will be able to communicate with him with your keyboard or with your webcam (icon at the top right). It is even possible to send a file. Note that it is possible to change your username in the user settings and then save them on the uTox site so that your friends can find you more easily.