How to erase the traces left by your USB key?

usb key too talkative erase the traces left by your usb key
usb key too talkative erase the traces left by your usb key

Did you know that when you connect a USB stick under Windows, does it leave traces? Date and time of connection, Identifier, type of USB device are therefore visible in plain text for malicious people.

View the history of your USB drive

USB History Viewer allows you to easily access your session history regarding USB key connections.

Le USB History Viewer software allows, in fact, to recover this information without rummaging in the registry, but one can imagine even more intrusive software allowing to know which files you have transferred, their name, type, etc.

How to remove traces left by your USB key?

For delete the history left by your USB key, I invite you to download USB Oblivion. It is a small portable program which allows by clicking on the "clean" button to get rid of this history.

This small program does not require any installation and can easily be placed on a USB key to erase the history of USB connections on a PC.

This software simply searches for the report file compiled by the operating system Windows to remove it and thus make your computer free of all USB key connections.

To use it, just click on Clean to clean the registry of the traces left. Remember to unplug all USB devices before doing this operation and check the Do real clean box.

Otherwise, it will be a simulation. To avoid problems, back up the registry by clicking Save backup .reg-file.