USB Capture: suck content from a USB key

vacuum usb key
vacuum usb key

The USB key has for a few years now become an essential accessory in everyday life. These storage units are vectors of malware and infection of all kinds. Here, the risk is to have your data stolen.

Oh yes, suck the contents of a USB stick unbeknownst to its owner is possible and very easyIn this tutorial, I will show you how dangerous the use of USB drives can be, especially those who take their USB drive from PC to PC.

Thanks to a small "USB Capture" program which runs in the background on the PC, you can detect any insertion of a USB key into the USB ports and copy the entire content of it to a directory on the hard drive. without its owner.

How to suck a USB stick with USB Capture?

USB Capture works as a Windows service. To install it, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Copy-Paste the "USBCaptureSvc" folder at the root of C: \
  • Open this directory, right click on "Install.bat" then click on "Run as administrator".

And here is the service is now installed on your machine.

To do a test, just plug in a USB key, any port on your computer will do.
After a few seconds, take a look in the directory C: \ USBcaptureSvc \ USB-COPIED \ and one can see appear almost all the data from the captured USB Flash Drive.