How to update its software automatically?

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update software automaticallyjpg

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

If you are not the type to update your software, know that the security of your computer is at risk.

Indeed, the updates are not only there to propose improvements, but can in particular plug certain security vulnerabilities.

To avoid falling victim to a hacker, here is FileHippo ; software that alerts you as soon as an update is available.

Microsoft does not offer embedded software under Windows allowing you to keep up to date with updates available for your third-party programs. Only the firm's products are affected by the famous system updates.

FileHippo App Manager is a small software free, light (Less than one MB) and efficient. The goal is, of course, to obtain the latest improvements in each of your programs, but also to have the latest version possible with the minimum number of security vulnerabilities.

This small program is compatible with more than 26 software among the most used (and the most sensitive) such as CCleaner, VLC, WinRAR, Firefox, Keepass, Chrome, etc. Consult the complete list available on the site

How does it work ?

  • To get started, download the software. Downloading requires no registration, no waiting, no compensation. Once the software is downloaded, install it. Once FileHippo App Manager is installed, it appears next to the clock. Each time it starts, it checks to see if you have any software to update.
  • Then double-click on the icon next to the clock, a page will open. Click on the button Scrutinize top right. Filehippo will start scanning the software that is installed on your computer.
  • Now wait a few seconds, the result will be displayed automatically. Normally, if everything went well, you should have something that looks like this:

FileHippo interface

  • This page contains a direct link to update each software, with some information: latest version, version installed on the system, size of the executable to download… Here is an example taken for the Filezilla software.

Note that you also have the option to ignore updates.
Finally, if you want to know how to update your computer's drivers automatically, I invite you to read this tutorial: how to update its drivers easily?