Unlock iPad without iTunes

To protect access to your iPad and for the security of your data, you most certainly like everyone else create a password, but unfortunately it happens that we can lose it.

By making several attempts, you will end up quickly blocked through Apple's security process and you will be notified by message that your iPad is frozen.

So how do you unlock your device? Let's discover together solutions to unlock your iPad.

It is important to know that these alternatives can cause your iPad contents to disappear and a backup is essential before starting any operations to unlock your iPad.

Unlocking an iPad via iCloud and without a computer

Function locate iPad on iCloud is a reliable possibility to unlock an iPad whose code has been forgotten or lost and without using a computer.

  • Connect to iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Choose function Locate.
  • Choose the device whose data you want to delete.
  • Click on Erase iPad, you will delete absolutely all data.

Your iPad will then restart, and you should not see the lock screen appear. This way, you can set up your iPad as a new device.

Unlocking an iPad Relying on Automatic Removal

This solution is a very good alternative when you want to unlock ipad without computer. Opt for this solution during the initial configuration of your code, which will have the effect automatic deletion after ten failed attempts.

To better understand, unlocking your iPad goes through 10 attempts with an incorrect code, This operation will erase all the data on your iPad, but also the password.

An important thing, it is imperative to proceed with the activation of the function “automatically delete data” before lock your device, otherwise the function will not be able to serve you.

Here is how to operate the activation of the function “automatically delete data :

  • Go to face ID then code.
  • Opt for “erase data automatically".

Unlocking an iPad with Siri (under iOS 8 to iOS 10)

Siri function can help you reach a stuck iPad without resorting to restoration. Here's how to bypass the lock using Siri.

Ask Siri for the clock

  • Activation of Siri via the main button of your device (hold down for 3 to 4 seconds).
  • Ask the Siri app what time it is. A small clock will appear on the screen, click on it to access the iPad.
  • A clock in world format will appear, then click on the small + icon to put a new clock. Then, in the city search bar, fill in one and choose “select all".
  • Several options will be offered to you, select Share.

Create a new contact from the Message app

  • Now on the next screen you will see different platforms to share. Tap the option Message.
  • A new message screen will be offered to you, in the field A click on paste and paste the text into this field.
  • As you complete the previous step, the screed will display everything you wrote in the “To” option. Just select it and tap the option again +.
  • Now create a new contact by tapping on the option Create a new contact.
  • When the new screen appears, tap the option Add a picture then on the option Choose a photo.
  • Now your iPad Photo Library will be open. You just have to wait, or you can browse your albums.
  • To finish and after about ten seconds, click on the home button, you will then return to the home screen and your device will no longer be blocked.


We just saw it solutions exist to unlock your iPad without the need for iTunes.

All the solutions we have just reviewed have their advantages and disadvantages and it still seems that dhave recourse to Siri is a remedy that only offers advantages, there is no need for upstream configuration and the operation is extremely simple and fast.