A free and unlimited VPN in Opera


Last updated: January 1, 2023

The latest version of the Opera Developer browser now offers a free VPN and unlimited, to secure connections or bypass geographic blocks. This was made possible by their acquisition last year of SurfEasy, a VPN provider.

After proposing an ad blocker last March, Opera strikes again by integrating a totally free VPN with no speed limit. It is currently integrated only in the version of Opera reserved for developers, but it should logically make its appearance also in the general public version.

As a reminder, the VPN allow to do transit communications, usually from encrypted way, by servers that bridge the gap between the sites visited, and the end user.

To learn more, watch this tutorial: VPN how to use ? And look at this article to choose a best VPN.

To activate Opera VPN, go to " Settings -> Privacy & Security ", Then tick the box" EnableVPN ". From this moment, a small orange button "VPN" appears in the address bar. By pressing it, you can then quickly activate or deactivate the VPN.


You will also be able to choose a country of location. Currently only Germany, USA and Canada are offered.

Note that Opera's built-in VPN protects your browser's web session. But not surfing outside your browser, of course.

Want to test this feature? You'll need download the latest version of Opera declined for Windows and OS X.