Turn off notifications from an Android app

turn off notifications from an android application
turn off notifications from an android application

Nothing is more annoying than the pop-up notifications from Android applications that emit an annoying sound, to the point of wanting to get rid of the application.

Notifications from Android devices are generally very useful, but some apps use the feature to harass us with irrelevant messages. This is often the case with games, to offer you a promotion or invite you to discover a novelty for example.

Tired of those apps that harass you with notifications? No need to uninstall them, Android fortunately allows you to turn off notifications from a particular app.

Among the new features added by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, there is the possibility of natively deactivating the notifications of an application appearing in the notification bar, which makes it possible to avoid unwanted notifications.

In this article, I will explain how turn off notifications from an app on Android.

It could not be easier:

Press the main screen menu button and select Settings. Select the Applications option.


Your Android smartphone or tablet displays the list of installed applications. Tap the name of the app in question to open its info sheet. At the top of the form, simply uncheck Show notifications and confirm with the OK button of the warning message that appears.


And There you go ! Simple, right?

You can repeat the operation for other applications for which you want to turn off notifications.