Increase the RAM of your PC with a USB key

Need more RAM? Your computer is very slow ? Want more RAM but can't afford a memory stick?

This trick will surely improve the performance of your computer and increase the running speed. It consists of using a USB key to increase the memory of your computer and boost its performance using eBoostr software.

eBoostr is a shareware software which uses the memory of a USB key or an SD card connected to the PC to allocate it to the cache of the system. It uses this "smart buffer" to relieve the hard drive and improve access times to the system, applications and documents.

How to use eBoostr to increase the RAM of your PC?

  • First of all, download and install eBoostr on your computer. Then restart your PC. After restarting, a window will appear. Click on Carry on.

  • Once installed click on Open the control panel to configure it. Plug your USB drive into your computer.
  • After tick “Detect and use hidden system memory”. The system will detect the storage devices available to your computer.

  • Check the storage devices or the USB key you want to use as memory, then click Next.

You can always put files in your key or remove it, Windows will automatically detect the device with eBoostr the next time it is plugged in. The limit of this technique is obvious: a USB key is much slower than RAM.