The top 10 scams on Facebook

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Know who visited my Facebook profile, how changed the theme of my Facebook, who deleted me from his list of Facebook friends ... Who has never seen these messages pass on his Facebook profile or in the status of his friends .

To attract gullible Internet users and spread their malware, hackers are not lacking in imagination. Every year, millions of users fall into the traps of scams spread on Facebook.

The editor ofantivirus, Bitdefender, published the annual Top 10 Most Popular Scams on Facebook Across the World. On the menu: the alleged last filmed bedtime of Rihanna and bogus tools supposed to improve user profiles.

Here is the ranking of the 10 most widespread scams in the world, since the beginning of 2014

This study is based on data from Bitdefender's Safego tool, the free Facebook application that scans timelines and alerts users to malicious and fraudulent posts.

TOP 10 Facebook scams in the world

  • Who visited my profile - 30.20% (English - international).
  • Change the color of your Facebook - 7.38% (English - international).
  • Rihanna's sextape with "her" boyfriend - 4.76% (English - international).
  • Check out my new status to receive a free official Facebook T-shirt - 4.21% (English - international).
  • Say goodbye to blue Facebook - 2.76% (French).
  • Products shown. Free distribution - 2.41% (English - international).
  • Check if a friend has removed you from their list - 2.27% (English - international).
  • Click here to see the top 10 profiles that pester you the most! You will be amazed to learn that your ex is still visiting your profile! - 1.74% (English - international).
  • Find out how to see who is visiting your profile, you are not at the end of your surprises! - 1.55% (Spanish).
  • I just changed the theme of my Facebook. It's amazing - 1.50% (English - international).