Top 10 apps to secure your iPhone

apps to secure your iphone
apps to secure your iphone

Last updated: October 13, 2022

These days hackers are increasingly targeting smartphones. Almost every day, we hear about new malware that exploits vulnerabilities in our devices.

So the question that arises is: how can you protect your data and secure your phone?

For Android users, I have already presented the top 5 applications to secure your smartphone.

Today I am going to present the best security apps for iOS users. Apps to locate your phone, protect your data, and stay in control of your iPhone.


1Password is a digital safe, it stores everything that is precious to you, and protects it with a combination you need to remember. The safe is an encrypted file that will contain a structure relating to your various passwords.

1Password also allows you to store your credit cards, your permits, your Vitale card, your license numbers if you have purchased software, in short, anything that can be written.
Download 1password

Norton mobile security

Norton mobile security provides protection for your iPhone and iPad in case of theft or loss. It allows you to back up your contacts and erase data remotely.

You notice that all these features are already found for free in the services offered by Apple. However, the Mobile Security application offers other more interesting features. This is particularly the case for the Alarm feature which, as its name suggests, allows you to trigger an alarm remotely in order to find your lost iPhone at home.

Another interesting feature is the "Quick Look" feature. This feature captures photos without the knowledge of the device holder. These photos are then sent confidentially to your e-mail address.

Download Norton mobile security

Localiser mon iPhone

This is an application that I highly recommend you to install on your iPhone. This application can help you when you lose your iPhone. You can use any other iOS device to find your phone.

Localiser mon iPhone also lets you locate your device on a map, lock it remotely, ring it, display a message, or erase all data.

Download locate my iPhone

Hotspot Shield VPN

Available on iPhone and iPad, this application offers your device an alternative VPN that allows you to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots, while encrypting traffic and hiding your IP address.

This application also has its own protection against spam, phishing or malware.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN

Webroot SecureWeb

If you want to be safe against security threats while browsing the web, Webroot SecureWeb is the web browser for you.

With this app installed on your iPhone, you can easily block malicious websites, analyze search results and check what's safe and what's not among shopping sites and banking sites.

Download Webroot SecureWeb


Contactspro allows users to hide contacts, photos and other information. For example, in certain professional situations it is preferable, if you leave your phone lying around, that the name of your correspondent does not appear.

Download Contactspro

The Vault

It is an application to hide photos, SMS, videos, but also the applications of your smartphone. It's an encrypted storage service for your phone locally (not in the cloud).

Download the vault


Signal is a free application to encrypt messages and voice calls on your iPhone and whose objective is to ensure maximum privacy for its users.

Download Signal