The risks of backing up your files to an external hard drive

hard drive risks
hard drive risks

Last updated: April 25, 2024

Today, computing has become something very important in everyday life. Indeed, its functionalities are almost infinite and we tend to keep a lot of data in digital form.

Whether it's work data or simply personal data, we will try to keep them to avoid losing them and very often we will say to ourselves that an external hard drive can be a good solution for that.
In fact, these are storage spaces which are still quite huge, that you can put everything on and you won't run out of space anytime soon. In short, it may seem like a perfect solution, but in fact it's not really.

This solution, although it is viable, also has a lot of problems that we will reveal to you in this article. So, at the end of this one, we will describe to you solutions put in place by pCloud to allow you to never have to worry about the management of your personal data.

A hard drive is lost

It may seem silly, but the first problem you can have with an external hard drive and even more so if you ever use a USB key to store your data is thatit is possible to lose them.

Indeed, like any physical object, one minute of inattention and you forget it somewhere and then there's tragedy. You have completely lost hundreds of GB of data that you will never be able to find again.
We can also note that one of the weak points of these external hard drives is that very often, your files are not protected if you don't know how to lock them with a password.

Therefore, you must be aware that if someone manages to get their hands on a hard drive that you have lost, you will simply give them free access to all the data that it contains, which is not not often something we want.

Beware of shocks for your hard drive

The second big weakness of an external hard drive is that the latter is very sensitive to the blows he could receive, during a transport for example and these blows, they can end up making you lose data.

Again, if you travel a lot, you will realize quite quickly that external hard drives are not the easiest thing to do, even more so when you know the current possibilities that are provided to us.
In summary, this external hard drive, for storing information, is not bad, but it is not what we are going to advise you either, especially if you often tend to move around.

However, if you have chosen an external hard drive, we are not going to advise you to throw it away or no longer use it, on the contrary. In fact, we will encourage you to leave it at home with a backup.

Backup to the cloud with pCloud

We will now focus on what seems to us to be the best backup solution, pCloud which through its service will allow you to protect your data in the cloud and consult it at any time via an application on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Do you also have a laptop on which you want to view your photos? No worries, there is a pCloud application on iOS and Android. In short, you will be able to carry your photos everywhere, without ever having to fill the memory of your phone or your computer.

A very practical way, especially since pCloud will offer you a free storage space which can go up to 10 GB. To do this, simply register by creating an account on the official website and follow the few simple instructions to obtain your 10GB.

Then, of course, you can increase the available storage by paying a subscription, whether monthly, annual or even for life if you ever liked the service. It is one of the few services to offer it and it is something very practical and above all very economical in the long run.

And then, it must be said that one of the big advantages of the cloud in file backup is that it allows you to quickly share a file with your friends, in complete security and without needing to use external services. .

Never lose any data with pCloud Backup

The first big advantage of pcloud backup is automatic backup! No need to log into anything – just choose the folders you want to back up and let pCloud do the rest.

Then, when you make a modification, it will be saved, even if you have an internet or power outage, so you will not lose the data you have. Changes are saved locally and then automatically updated in the cloud once the internet connection returns.

So, even if you have problems with your machines at the moment, whether due to a virus or not, you have no need to worry because the cloud will never stop working and you will therefore have the certainty of finding your files intact. You only need an internet connection.

In addition to the Backup, you will also have access to old versions of files, which is very convenient. For example, if you do group work that requires a lot of proofreading and changes and you want to switch to a previous version of your work, even several weeks later, it's possible.

Find your files with pCloud Rewind

one of the advantages of pCloud is its Rewind function. To explain to you simply what it is about, the software keeps in memory all the modifications that you are going to make within 15 days in the free version or 30 in the paid version.

If you have ever realized that you have done something stupid, for example by deleting a file by mistake. So, during this period, you will simply have the opportunity to go back and recover your file.

Again, this is a feature that is extremely practical and could save your life if you ever make a mistake. Finally, if you want to go back all of your files over the same period, it's also totally possible.

This is clearly one of the strong points of pCloud which will allow you not only secure storage, accessible everywhere, but also editable at your convenience, which you obviously cannot have on an external hard drive for example.

So, have you backed up your data recently ? If you haven't done it yet, it's better to get started now because tomorrow it may be too late if you have the slightest problem.