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chifree backup tool

Last updated: July 16, 2022

No one is safe from a material accident. In this case, it is very difficult to get hold of your photos, films and personal documents. The solution to avoid this type of problem is to make backups often.

Thanks to cobian-backup, you will be able back up and encrypt all your personal data efficiently and for free.

Cobian backup is free and regularly updated software. He allows to save on demand a few folders, a partition, a disk or an entire system. It also allows schedule backups of all or part of a hard drive, at regular intervals or at predefined times.

Cobian Backup perfectly manages the volume shadow copy technology of Windows and allows you to backup to an external drive, an FTP server or a volume available on your local network.

Compatible with all versions of Windows, This program supports 256-bit AES encryption. Definitely, one of the best free backup software for Windows.

Create an encrypted backup with Cobian Bakcup

Download Cobian Bakcup here. Double-click the executable file, then follow the installation instructions.

During installation, uncheck the “ As a service » to avoid slowing down your PC and check the “ Application“. Activate it automatic start if you want to do scheduled backups.


Cobian will launch automatically at the end of the installation. To configure a backup, click in Taskthen New task. Give your backup a name and then uncheck Create separate backups using timestamps. In Type, choose incremental and do Ok twice.


In the section files choose the files or folders to back up by clicking on Add as well as the backup destination. The destination can be a directory on the hard disk or on a remote FTP access!

The section Planning is used to define the frequency of the backup. If you want to make your backups only when you want, put manually.

In the section Archive, it is possible to compress the backup to save space on the destination medium.

In strong encryption, put some 256-bit AES and choose a password. In Exclusion you can define rules to include or exclude certain files from the backup.


When everything is configured, do Ok to return to the main window. Finally click on Play to start compression, encryption and transfer.