The 3 best alternatives to WhatsApp open source

open source whatsapp alternatives
open source whatsapp alternatives

As you probably already know, thewhatsapp messaging app, will introduce, as of February 8, new rules of use : it will force its nearly two billion users to accept the transfer of their personal data to Facebook.

If you refuse, you will no longer be able to access your account and the discussion groups. WhatsApp defends itself by stating that this only concerns business accounts in Europe.

What alternatives if I want to quit WhatsApp?

Unfortunately our privacy on WhatsApp is over. But as you know, nature and the internet abhor a vacuum.
If you are looking for a messaging platform that works similarly but is more privacy-friendly, rest assured, there is a multitude of secure instant messaging on the web.

Here is a selection of 3 best open source alternatives to whatsapp tested and rated by me. They should be able to meet your needs for this year.

Siganl Private Messenger

Signal is a messaging for Android et iOS dubbed by the friend Snowden himself. Business man Elon Musk Also recommended her to her Twitter followers.

Free, without ads and open source, the Signal app is easy to install, with automatic authentication and the ability to be used as the default SMS app.

On Signal, it is even possible to make phone calls and chats in Visio. All communications between Signal users are automatically encrypted.

It is also possible to schedule automatic destruction of messages after a time interval chosen by the user. Messages are deleted on all devices.

Finally, we can really say that signal equals privacy and protection of personal data, combined with all the functions that we have come to expect.

Download Signal. And to see its source code, it's this way.


Telegram is also a encrypted and open source messaging which allows a end-to-end message encryption.

Info: Open source means that anyone can independently verify that the Télegram source code on GitHub exactly matches the code used to compile the apps you download from the App Store and Google Play.

The messages you send to your recipient are locally encrypted before they are even sent over the network. The server does nothing for him other than relaying the encrypted message and it is the recipient's client who decrypts the message. Therefore, it is not possible to intercept unencrypted messages via a Man In The Middle attack.

Users can exchange messages, photos, videos and documents with no size limit.

And the icing on the cake, a Telegram option allows set self-destruct messages in secret chat.

I tested Telegram on my iPhone for a few weeks and can say that it is the fastest messaging app in the app store because it uses a decentralized infrastructure with data centers located all around the planet.

Download Telegram


Wire is a open source WhatsApp alternative rather young, founded in 2014 by Wire Swiss. This application is paid for professionals and companies.

Wire also uses Open end-to-end encryption Whisper Systems. And it is available on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS and web browser.

Unlike Signal, the option to share your contact list with the app is optional. The app saves metadata like Telegram, but anonymously. Metadata storage can also be disabled.

Wire Swiss GmbH has published the source code of Wire client applications under GPLv3 license in July 2016.

Download Wire.