Test processor and graphics card

test graphics card processor
test graphics card processor

Last updated: December 31, 2022

You come frombuy a new pc and you want check the stability of its processor and graphics card ? Push them to their limits with OcCT, to highlight possible weaknesses.

What is OCCT?

OcCT is software for Windows Which allows you to test your processor, your Graphic card and your diet.

Free and French, OCCT offers an interface that is both clear and detailed. It allows both new and experienced users to test their hardware configuration.

With this tool, you will be able to check if your processor and your graphics card are up to par by running them fully during the test time.

Little more, in order not to cause damage, the software offers a safety net. You can thus define limits not to be exceeded.

At the end of the tests, you will be able to see if your power supply is designed so that your graphics card delivers all its power, if your processor keeps up over time or if the cooling system remains effective.

A valuable tool in the event of a problem, and to be used regularly as a preventive measure.

How to test graphics card and processor?

Here I show you step by step how to use the OCCT tool to test your processor and graphics card.

Getting to know the interface

First of all, download OCCT software from its official website. It is now only available in 64-bit. There is no version 32-bit OCCT.

When the program is launched, you will have an OCCT window divided into two parts.

On the left are the test programs and three graphs representing the utilization rates of the processor, graphics card and memory.

On the right, an information panel on your components, with 5 tabs above to access different characteristics (Temperatures, Voltages, Powers, etc.).

Limit the duration of the test

By default, OCCT launches a test for an infinite period of time. Better to define a time limit, Click on the red button representing an 8 lying down and indicate the desired time.

Do not aim too narrowly: a test lasting a few minutes will not be representative of the stability of the machine over time. A 30 minute analysis for a complete test seems more reasonable.

Run the graphics card and processor safely test

Before running the test, click on the wrench icon in the right corner of the window.

Check the box Safety, indicate a temperature not to be exceeded (90 ° C for example) and validate. Then in the area Test schedule, click on OcCT then the button Play at the bottom to start the analysis.

Use the different tabs to monitor the temperature or the workload imposed on each core.

Monitor your PC while using your software

At the end of the test, OCCT generates a report with a number of graphs detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your configuration.

You can also analyze how your PC behaves when you use particular software. To do this, choose the Monitoring option and use your program normally, keeping an eye on the curves.