Take a screenshot on Snapchat discreetly without being seen

snapchat screenshot without being seen
snapchat screenshot without being seen

Snapchat has been designed to automatically delete images and messages sent in a two-way chat once both users open them and exit the chat

Those are Snapchat rules. But what if you want to keep photos as souvenirs? Of course you can take a screenshot with your mobile, but the other person will know. Snapchat notifies users when a screenshot is taken. They will receive a notification: "You took a screenshot ".

Then how to take a screenshot without your recipient knowing?

Here I will share with you a tip for take a screenshot on Snapchat without notification. This method works on both iPhone and Android smartphone.

2 methods that worked before

There were a few workarounds that allowed for Snapchat captures without the other person knowing you had done it.

Corn Snapchat has become more secure and has closed many of these vulnerabilities.

Here are the methods that worked before, that they don't work anymore.

  • Activate airplane mode : this should work because it cuts off all internet connections, but since you need to load Snapchat before activating airplane mode, the app's servers know about it and the other person will get a notification.
  • Clear your cache : After disconnecting from the internet, you could take a screenshot and then clear the cache so that when the app reconnects, there is no record of your activities. Now the screenshot notification is sent immediately no matter what.

These methods * might * still work on older versions of Snapchat, but a lot of it depends on whether you and the recipient have the same app version.

How to take a Snapchat capture without being seen?

So, is it really possible tocapture without being seen or known? Good news, there is always a way to make a stealth capture.

Note that Snapchat can update vulnerabilities at any time, so what works now may not work even in a month.

Use another smartphone

One of the easiest, but far from successful methods is to use another smartphone to take a Snapchat photo or video. It literally means holding a camera up to your smartphone interface and recording whatever is on the screen.

Except that the main flaw here is that the image quality is appalling. But if you just want a record of what you have received, this is an effective method.

Use a third-party screen recorder on iPhone or Androd

No, the built-in screen recorder of an iPhone or Android mobile will not work: it will always notify Snapchat users that you have recorded content.

Search the iOS App Store or Google Play for "screen recorders"and you will see many choices.

Since there are many screen recording apps on the market, Snapchat cannot protect itself against all of them.

Android users are more likely to find a method that works. While iOS users are limited to Apple's App Store, Android users have a wider choice in other stores.

Use Google Assistant on Android devices

Not all Android devices have Google Assistant, but if yours does, it can help you save Snaps without being seen.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence that you can tell him to do anything.

Launch Snapchat and open Google Assistant by holding down the home button or saying “OK, Google”. He will then ask you how he can help you. You can just ask it to "Take a screenshot". Alternatively, you can enter it in the menu.

These will take a photo of everything on your screen, including the Snap you want to keep.

However, you cannot automatically save it to your photo gallery. Instead, you can share with another app (for example, Gmail or Whatsapp) or add it to Google Photos.