Take a screenshot of an entire webpage from Chrome

screenshot of a complete web page from chrome
screenshot of a complete web page from chrome

For various reasons, it can be practical to capture a web page. Screenshots can be very useful and the easiest method is to take a screenshot with the imp ec key and then extract the affected space. However, the operation is clearly complicated when it comes to capturing the whole of a web page, in all its height.

So if you need to take screenshots of an entire site page, then I suggest installing the Webpage Screenshot extension.

With the Webpage Screenshot extension, you can save any page you visit with the Chrome browser as an image.

To use it you just have to go to the Chrome Web Store, then, click on the "Add to Chrome" button then validate by clicking on "Install" in the window that opens.

Once the installation is complete, an icon symbolizing a camera is added to the interface. To take a screenshot of the visited page, simply click on this icon.

Finally, click on the capture page visible button to save only the piece of the web page visible on the screen or on Full page capture to save the entire web page as an image.