Surfing the web without an internet connection is possible!

increase android internet connection speed
increase android internet connection speed

Need to view content on a website but don't have an internet connection? No problem. Cosmos Browser is a browser that proposes to use the SMS protocol to display optimized web pages.

Cosmos Brower is an Android browser that does not need an Internet connection to visit websites, but simple SMS.

A developer who participated in the last EPIC Hackathon by Ann Arbor uploaded to Github the source code of a web browser for Android, Cosmos Browser, which uses the SMS protocol to browse the web for free and without having an internet connection.

How it works ? When you want to access a web page, Cosmo sends a request to a phone server hosted by Twilio via SMS. The platform receives the requested URL, obtains the HTML code for the site, and creates a stripped-down version of all the CSS code, javascript and images. Everything is then compressed in GZIP, encoded in Base64, and sent back to the applicant's phone number in the form of an SMS.


Cosmos Browser is not yet available, but should arrive by the end of the month on the Play Store.