Success of mobile dating apps: the technical side

dating app
dating app

Last updated: November 14, 2022

Mediafixer dating apps are not just about finding your soul mate. It is an opportunity to find friends and business partners, to participate in interesting events. And for the owners of dating apps - also a chance to make money.

Must have of a successful dating app

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dating apps and sites in stores. But only a few, for example, Ladadate - online dating site, gain popularity and rise to the top.

Safety first

For create an application successful, you need to understand what the audience wants and what they fear. According to research, privacy and security are top priorities for users.

  • With the Jaumo app, users communicate in the chat, while their location and personal information are hidden. Jaumo developers proudly state that privacy is first and foremost, and even provide their own stats: 96% of Jaumo users are real people. By the way, the company's website has detailed instructions on how to identify a scammer and protect yourself on a first date.
  • If we are talking about security, one of the ways to verify a person is to talk to them on the phone. This principle is taken as the basis ofHotline Dating App. Before starting a match, users should call and chat. You can make a call directly from the application, then access to the chat will open automatically. Hotline developer Sam Ballantyne says that the phone call lasts an average of 25 minutes. Okay, not a bad result for a first date.
  • The Zoosk app check user photos. The new user records a short selfie video and sends it to the moderators for verification with the photo. After confirmation, the user receives a green icon on their avatar.
    Hinge is, according to the developers themselves, a dating app. Users indicate their real name, school, place of work. Privacy settings allow you to hide certain content.

User-friendly interface

Another user expectation is a simple and intuitive interface. tinder immediately comes to mind - one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

tinder has a user-friendly interface: flexible profile settings, large photos. You do not need to register in the application, Tinder automatically takes all data (photo, hobby, profession) of Facebook. The user only has to define the search criteria for a partner and slide their finger left and right to show their sympathy or dislike of the candidate.

Another example of a successful interface is the dating app Free For Lunch. The particularity of the application is the combination of the functions of a social network and a dating service with geo-referencing.

Dating apps are expected to become more niche, targeting specific user groups. The integration of online dating services with social networks is also in fashion.

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