Spy on a Facebook account with Stalkscan

Facebook hacking
Facebook hacking

It's no secret that Facebook keeps a lot of data about its users in its memory. We think about the information you post, comment on or like, the places you have visited, or the photos in which you are identified. Not to mention your location data ! On Facebook nothing is lost, everything is archived.

If you want spy on facebook and consult its data, I present to you Stalkscan. This online service allows you to take stock of what a Facebook user is sharing with their contacts on Facebook.

It makes it possible to find each of the data published by an Internet user on Facebook. Photos liked, statuses shared, videos commented, but also jobs held, places visited and the publications on which he is identified.

How to spy on Facebook with Stalkscan?

To use Stalkscan and spy on a facebook account, nothing easier. Just follow the steps below:

  • Find a profile link from your Facebook account
  • Copy the profile URL of your victim, friend, stranger or yourself
  • Access the stalkscan.com platform
  • Simply paste the URL of the profile you are interested in into the Stalkscan search engine

Then for spy on a facebook account, the site will provide you with quick links to:

  • Obtain the list of photos for the profile you are looking for,
  • Your Facebook videos,
  • His likes and comments,
  • The statutes in which he was identified,
  • The places he visited,
  • His interests like the pages,
  • Favorite political party or religion.

As you can see below, there is a lot of data that you can get.

Does StalkScan violate Facebook privacy settings?

Contrary to what one might think, Stalkscan does not violate the settings of facebook privacy. "Only me" remains "only me". It only shows hidden content that you have access to.

It is a completely legal tool since it only displays content that the person has made public. It does not involve any Facebook hacking, it just displays the public information from the tool Graph Search.