Protect your PC from ransomware with RansomFree

ransomware fix
ransomware fix

Last updated: December 31, 2022

In previous articles, I have already told you about ransomwaresthese malwares who take your most valuable data hostage in exchange for ransom. Even though the antivirus increasingly effectively detect this new threat, there is a new simple and effective solution to counter ransomware before it even takes action.

Ransomware typically spreads in the same way as a computer worm that loads a malicious program. It enters the system via a file downloaded by email or a fault in the network. Then they take your data hostage by encrypting it. Once infected, it is ruined even if there is hope. You might as well protect yourself with RansomFree.

What is RansomFree?

RansomFree protects your machine in real time against ransomware attacks. Once installed and launched, the program runs in the background. When a suspicious action or file is detected on your machine, RansomFree will block the encryption process and protect your data. You can choose to eliminate the threat or let it happen.

To achieve this, the developers of Ransomfree analyzed more than 40 ransomware as WannaCry, Locky, TeslaCrypt, Cryptowall, or even Cerber and have managed to isolate behavioral patterns specific to the ransomware type that legitimate software does not have.

How to use RansomFree?

Upon installation, RansomFree will distribute decoy files to the four corners of your hard drive. If ransomware tries to encrypt your data, it will also attack these files and trigger the alert. You don't have to do anything or make any adjustments.

RansomFree will also work if a network hard drive is attacked. Note that the software will be active when starting Windows (for Macs use RansomWhere) even if it is not in the list of Task Manager.

In the event of an alert, the offending process is suspended.

You can see the list of attacked files (View affected files), choose to let it happen (no, let it run) or on the contrary definitively block the process and clean up (Yes, stop & clean the threat).