Software to measure the strength of the WiFi signal

wifi siganl power measurement software
wifi siganl power measurement software

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Your internet connection is slow ? Your wifi connection is often cut? Web pages load poorly? The problem probably stems from a lack of power in your wireless network. Here's how to check it.

With the free software Ekahau HeatMapper you can display the quality of your WiFi signal on a map of your house.

After a 5-minute walk home, the software Ekahau HeatMapper maps the WiFi signal. You will finally be able to measure wifi signal strength of your home and possibly change the location of your internet box to optimize your network.

Know the power of a Wi-Fi connection with Ekahau HeatMapper

Download and install HeatMapper

Ekahau HeatMapper is free software that maps all the hot spots in your room in seconds. It supports 802.11n standards, as well as a / b / g.
You can download from this link.

Launch the software and load the Plan

Launch HeatMapper by clicking on its shortcut on the desktop. Then two modes will be offered to you: with or without a map of your home.

If you have a plan of your house, click I have a map image. Once you've clicked, all you need to do is select the image for your plan.

Even if you don't have a plan of your house, you can still follow this tutorial. Just click on I don't have a map image to work on a blank grid.


A window opens with, on the left, all the WiFi networks identified by the software and, in the center, the map or the grid as well as a help.

Stand on this one and stand up with your laptop.

To start, left click where you are and start moving forward by clicking regularly on the map to signal your change of position.

Finish the map

From time to time (when you change rooms for example), I advise you to right click. Thus, you stop recording with a left click.

If not, click Undo Survey. This action will erase your recording since the last right click.

Explore the map

When you click the right mouse button, a color map is displayed on which all the Wi-Fi that you capture. Yours is normally located where your box is.

Hover your mouse over it. The colors displayed indicate the strength of the network in the different rooms of your home.

Finally, green signifies good reception while red signifies poor signal quality.