Software to convert WebP to PNG

software convert webp

The new image format WEBP extension from Google is pretty cool: it would be possible to reduce the weight of an image by about a big third compared to the JPEG or PNG formats.

But despite six years of development and its strong presence in Google products, WebP is still not supported by some image editors, like Photo Viewer Windows.

Some browsers also do not support WebP. So, if a website uses .webp files, it should serve JPEG or PNG versions of those same images to Safari or Internet Explorer.

so here's how to save a WEBP image in a PNG format.

How to convert WebP to PNG?

There are many online services that know how to convert WebP to PNG like this free and fast service.

However, if you regularly use this feature, it may be better to install an extension on your browser.

On Google Chrome, you can use a handy extension called Save Image As PNG. This extension adds an option in the context menu to download WEBP images in PNG format.

  • To get started, go to the Chrome Web Store and install Save Image As PNG as a PNG extension.
  • After installation, right-click on a Webp image and select the option “ Save image as PNG “. Finally the image will be saved in PNG format rather than Webp format.

And for Firefox lovers, I searched and found an extension that does the same job. It is WebP image converter. It works the same as Save Image As PNG. And it allows you with a simple right click on the image to save it in a PNG format.