Snapchat voices not working, how to fix the problem?

snapchat voice problem
snapchat voice problem

In a few years, Snapchat has managed to become one of the favorite social networks of a lot of people with a concept that is to say the least unique, that of the message has a character limited in time.
Since then, obviously Snapchat has evolved and offered new things, but the formula remains the same, small messages based on photos or videos, all sprinkled with various effects, filters.

But as we told you, Snapchat has evolved and one of the current strengths of the application is the voice service. Except that if you're here, it's because this one doesn't work anymore.

So, in this article, we will guide you step by step to help you understand what is wrong and fix Snapchat voice not working issue in minutes. So, let's not waste a moment, let's go.

Close the Snapchat app and restart it

The first thing we will advise you to do if you see that Snapchat voices are not working is simply to restart your application. Indeed, it may be a bug that comes from this one.

This can happen if when launching the application a program does not launch or simply if it encounters some problems after several hours of use. The trick is then simple.

Just open your task manager on phone to see all currently open applications and close Snapchat. Most of the time, restarting the app should fix the problem.

Try to turn your phone back on

If this is not the case, it may be a similar phenomenon affecting your phone. Indeed, today, we never part with it and we rarely turn it off. Thus, it can run for long hours, even several days in a row.

In this case, it sometimes happens that after a while, small problems accumulate and cause bugs in its use or quite simply in the applications used such as Snapchat for example.

Therefore, here again, the solution is quite simple since it requiresturn off the phone and just turn it back on to see if the problem is fixed or not. If not, let's continue exploring what could be causing the problem.

Check Snapchat for Server Outages

It can sometimes happen that the problem does not come from you, but from Snapchat that can have problems, including server. To check this, there is nothing very complicated to do, just go to the site downdetector.

There, you will get an overview of the number of outages reported by Snapchat users and if ever that number exceeds a theoretical dotted line, well, you know that Snapchat's services are currently experiencing problems.

Check that microphone permissions are enabled

Whether you use iPhone or Android, go to your phone's settings and make sure microphone permissions are enabled.

If you're having trouble recording audio, or even can't hear it, enable permissions and restart the app.

Try installing the app again

If ever despite all this, Snapchat voice issue persists, then there is a bigger bug. For this, we will advise you to uninstall the app. Never fear, everything is saved on servers and linked to your account.

So uninstall without fear and once installed again, you just have to open the application and log in to recover everything. Then verify that the problem has been resolved and that the potentially corrupted file no longer exists.

If despite your best efforts, it is still can't send voice on snapchat, then the problem is surely a little more complicated and that could mean that we will have to do without it for a while.

Wait for an update to fix the bug

Indeed, it sometimes happens that following an update, particular bugs arrive on telephone models. This is surely what is happening to you and unfortunately there is not much to do.

Just send a Snapchat support ticket to let them know about your situation. I will then have more than hope they look into this bug and get it fixed in the next update.
Do not panic, it is often the case and you will therefore simply have a few days to hold out before be able to use the voice system again on Snapchat.

In the meantime, you can use a spare phone, if you have one for that, for example.