Snapchat crashes on iPhone? Here's how to fix the problem

Snapchat crashes on iPhone Here's how to fix the problem
Snapchat crashes on iPhone Here's how to fix the problem

Snapchat has been for many years one of the most popular social networks on the internet for its instantaneousness and the fact of being able to dialogue via interposed image. We can also say that its filters are also no stranger to its success.

However, like any mobile app, there are times when you run into issues with Snapchat and one of those issues that a lot of people have been complaining about for years is Application-level deadlocks.

In themselves, often these blockages are not very serious, but they remain frustrating. So, in this article, we are going to see together different techniques that can allow you to fix Snapchat stuck issue on iPhone.

For this, we will start with the most basic techniques, then we will go to the most complicated ones if you are still facing blockages.

Why is Snapchat crashing?

The first question that should be asked here is why you have a crashing Snapchat app. The reason for this can be multiple as you will see in the rest of the article. However, if we had to summarize, the problem, it can in fact come from three well identified things.

  • The first is concerns directly on the side of Snapchat and in this case, you won't have much to do about it.
  • The second reason that can explain why you have blocks on Snapchat is that there is a problem with your smartphone. You will therefore often have to go to your phone's settings to solve it.
  • Finally, the last source of blocking on Snapchat is a application level problem in herself. This time, it's more towards the store of your iPhone that you will have to go.

But let's not waste a moment and get started on solving this problem right now.

Check that the servers are still online

When you see that you have blockages on Snapchat or even any other application, the first thing you should check is simply if the services of the latter are still online.

Indeed, like any website, these services are based on servers. However, it happens that these servers go down for various reasons. Sometimes they are not even broken, but simply in maintenance.

To verify that this is indeed the case, we recommend sites such as downdetector which are among the most popular to tell you that there is a breakdown or not at the moment.

Force stop Snapchat and relaunch it

If you feel like you want to take the snapchat servers are still online, then, it is that the blocking on your iPhone comes from something else. The first thing you will be asked to do is restart your application. Indeed, if you have not closed it, but simply put it in the background for hours or even days, small bugs may start to accumulate and lead to the deadlock situation.

The technique for relaunching an application, it will then depend on whether or not you have a central button on your iPhone.

  • On iPhone with central button: Double tap on it to open the application manager. After that swipe up to force stop Snapchat
  • On iPhone without central button: Start from the bottom of the screen and move your finger up to the middle and stop. Then just close the app as we just told you.

Try turning your phone back on

If respawning didn't work, the same problem may be happening, but with your phone. Indeed today, we almost never turn off our mobile and as it is used, bugs can occur.

We will then witness slowdowns, but also sometimes outright applications that do not want to launch, or that will have multiple bugs in their operation. Therefore, what we advise is simply to'turn the phone off and on again.

Clear Snapchat cache

If you've come to this, it's because Snapchat's services are still online and a problem isn't with your iPhone either. However, what can be the cause of the failure is always an accumulation of information and bugs.

So here what we are going to do is simply clear history of the Snapchat app. To help you carry out this operation, here is what you will have to do:

  • Once on Snapchat, click on your profile.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the Actions section and press Clear Cache.
  • A window appears, confirm. Don't worry, the save your memories will remain secure.

Once it is good, you will have emptied the cache and deleted a whole bunch of data which could be the cause of slowdowns and snapchat blocks on iPhone. If you still have bugs, then these may be coming from the app itself.

Check that you have the latest version of the Snapchat app

Therefore, what we advise you is to take a look at the store of your iPhone. Indeed, often Snapchat crashing on iPhone, it may be a known bug in your version of the app.

Therefore, the action to adopt is to check that there is not a new version of it online and if so, install it on your mobile. This will then probably solve the freezing and slowing down problems.


If despite all this, you still have snapchat crashing on iphone, it may simply be that you have an installation of the application which is corrupted and in this case, the best thing to do is simply to delete the app and reinstall it.

Here, if you have followed all our advice so far, you should no longer have any problems with Snapchat freezing or even crashing while you are in the middle of using it.

Also, if the case happens again in the future, you should be able to handle the situation given the experience you have now gained. If other problems arise, do not hesitate to give them to us in the comments.

Also, if you have any other suggestions for issues you would like us to address, please let us know. The comment section is made for just that.