Share your SD card via Wi-Fi under Android

share your sd card via wi fi
share your sd card via wi fi

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

Want to share your SD card with your friends?  You certainly know Airdroid the application that allows you to use your smartphone from a browser.

So what's the new thing you're going to tell me? What I am offering you is a completely different application. It's called SambaDroid
SambaDroid allows you to access your memory card via WIFI without going through a browser and special menus for Copy/Paste. It allows you to access files on your SD card as if you had connected your phone via USB.

SambaDroid is a very useful application if you want to share the contents of the SD card of one of your devices Android on your home network. It allows you to easily share/manage your files on your device from any PC on your network.


Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, type [Win]+[R] on your computer keyboard, then write “\SAMBADROID and have fun!

All you have to do is find the contents of your SD card with your explorer Windows as if the memory was a USB key. It is even possible to specify a password for added security.

Info : the official application has been removed from the Play Store. But you can download SambaDroid APK on your Android for the APKPure app store.