Share your SD card via Wi-Fi on Android

share your sd card via wi fi
share your sd card via wi fi

Last updated: December 29, 2022

Want to share your SD card with your friends?  You certainly know Airdroid the application that allows you to use your smartphone from a browser.

So what are you going to tell me? What I am offering you is a completely different application. It's called SambaDroid
SambaDroid allows you to access your memory card via WIFI without going through a browser and special menus for Copy / Paste. It allows you to access the files on your SD card as if you had connected your phone Via USB.

SambaDroid is a very useful application if you want to share the contents of the SD card of one of your Android devices on your home network. It allows you to easily share / manage your files on your device from any PC in your network.


Once installed on your smartphone or tablet, type [Win] + [R] on your computer keyboard, then write "\ SAMBADROID and have fun!"

It will suffice to find the contents of your SD card with your Windows explorer as if the memory were a USB key. It is even possible to specify a password for added security.

Info : the official app has been removed from the Play Store. But you can download SambaDroid APK on your Android from the APKPure app store.