Screenblur: Secure access to your desktop Windows

screenblur secure desktop access windows
screenblur secure desktop access windows

Last updated: June 14, 2024

Lock access to the desktop Windows by password, un geste utile pour protéger vos données et votre vie privée. Pour aller plus loin et par exemple automatiser la mise en place du verrouillage, utilisez Screen Blur.

ScreenBlur is a free and portable utility for Windows intended for password protect access to your office.

Windows includes a tool that protects it with a password. On the other hand, you sometimes forget to turn it on. ScreenBlur can remedy this. This application offers many customization options. Basically, the software of course allows you to choose the password to enter to access the desktop and to configure a keyboard shortcut, to start the program without double-clicking on its icon. But what distinguishes it from the tool Windows, it’s its extensive customization.

In addition to customizing the appearance of the lock screen, it is possible to automate its activation after a certain time of inactivity on the PC. In order to further protect your privacy, le logiciel peut minimiser les applications en cours lors de son activation, voire cacher tout l’écran.

Sachez enfin que vous pourrez aussi configurer l’arrêt/la mise en veille du PC si celui-ci est verrouillé trop longtemps via ScreenBlur. La liste ne s’arrête pas là, mais pour faire simple: ScreeBlur will very beneficially replace the lock tool Windows.

How to configure ScreenBlur?

When launching the program, you will have to choose the password that will be used to unlock your desktop once the screen is locked. Check Show to be sure not to make typos and validate by clicking on Set. Once your entry is complete and validated via the Ok button, the application is reduced to a simple icon in the notifications area.

To launch ScreenBlur with a keyboard shortcut, go to the “Hotkeys” tab. Under Lock Screen when I press”, check Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Win, type the key in the None box and check Enable. Do the same under “Open settings when I press” which will open the ScreenBlur settings without clicking then settings on its inconvenient reduced icon.


ScreenBlur is free, portable and runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7,10 et Windows 11.

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