Analyze your shady files online

analyze file online
analyze file online

You surely know, this online scanner that allowsscan programs or files by an imposing list offree antivirus and paid, including some big names like Avast !, AVG, F-Secure, Kaspersky, and many others.

Ideal for knowing if a particular file is contaminated or not, it does not really give more details than that.

The Malwr service goes further by analyzing more deeply the files you send to it. If the submitted file has already been scanned, you will be able to access the report right away, but most of the time you will only have to wait a few minutes.


Indeed, Malwr uses a remote sandbox to install or open potential malware. You will then have access to various logs: type in location of the installed files, impact on the registry, connection to such or such IP, etc.

In the category Signature, you will see suspicious behavior in orange and clearly abusive behavior in red.


The service Malwr is an excellent way to detect possible malware before installing an executable even if, once again, there is no zero risk in this area.

It's time to submit your suspicious files directly to Malwr for further analysis.