Save memory with Mem Reduct

save memory with mem reduct
save memory with mem reduct

If you are on Windows and you want to have more RAM on your computer, here is a very simple little program allowing you to move the data contained in the cache memory to the hard drive.

It is actually a matter of artificially recovering RAM when it is needed the most. Of course Windows manages the RAM itself (with varying degrees of success), but this tool can be useful if you need to run a program crumbling in memory without having to restart the computer or clean up your processes.


Mem Reduct is free software that automatically optimizes your memory when usage is high to keep the system running smoothly. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It offers an installable version and a portable version.

It is very practical and Mem Reduct has the advantage of being also very light and discreet unlike other similar programs. In short, it is a program to use urgently if you are using software that consumes more RAM memory than it should. For example the Chrome browser that strangely, the more the hours pass, the more the RAM load rises!

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