Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6? What to choose ?

galaxys6 iphone6
galaxys6 iphone6

Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced Monday by Samsung which reignites the war between Apple and Samsung. What to buy What to choose ? Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6? If you are in doubt, here are some things to compare the two.

For the moment the first reactions on the Galaxy S6 are rather satisfactory, because with a 5-inch screen equipped with a QHD Super AMOLED panel and a processor 2 times faster than the Galaxy S5, this new smartphone looks quite promising on the other hand, many users think that Samsung was inspired by Apple for its model.

At the height of the patent war between Apple and Samsung, a question therefore arises: Does the iPhone 6 crush the Samsung Galaxy S6 on the performance side?
This is what we will discover with a comparison of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 :

Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6 - test

Design and interface

Le Galaxy S6 is built of metal and glass. The new materials used make this device a high-end connected object. On the corners of the Galaxy S6, they are rounded and the whole thing fits very well in the hand.
THEiPhone 6 is well known to him: aluminum, rectangular form factor with rounded edges and angles.

The Galaxy S6 runs under Android with a Samsung TouchWizz interface which improves ergonomics and ease of use. However, Apple remains a master in the art of design and ergonomics. Its interface still stays one step ahead of the best overlays Android.


The S6 features a quad-core processor (Cortex-A57) clocked at 2,1 GHz for high-performance tasks and a second quad-core processor (Cortex-A53) clocked at 1,5 GHz. The latter is dedicated to other tasks that consume few resources.

The iPhone 6 has an Apple A8 dual-core processor clocked at 1,4 GHz, 64-bit ARM architecture.

During performance tests carried out by the Sammobile site, The Exynos 7420 performs better than the A8 chip in the iPhone.

With 3 GB of RAM compared to 1 GB for the iPhone 6, Samsung wins the performance battle.


The two phones are virtually identical in terms of dimension: width, length and thickness.
The iPhone 6 offers minimal bulk with a weight of 129 g and a thickness of less than 7 mm. While the S6 is 6,8mm thick and weighs 138 grams.


Screen side, difficult to separate them. Iphone 6 now has a 4,7-inch screen with Retina Display HD definition of 1334 x 750 pixels, while the galaxy 6 opts for a 5,1 inch, Quad HD 1440 p type. Which gives a resolution of 576 ppi (pixel density) for the Korean compared to 328 for the American.

Clearly, the Samsung displays better resolution on paper, but the difference to the naked eye is not obvious.


Le S6 embark a 16-megapixel back-mounted photo sensor with optical stabilization. It opens at f:1,9, has improved autofocus compared to previous versions and a white balance detector via infrared.

THEiPhone 6, for his part, proposes an 8 megapixel with an equivalent focal length of 29 mm at f:2,2 aperture and a new CMOS sensor incorporating a phase detection autofocus system, which complements the usual contrast detection.

Galaxy S6 surpasses the iPhone 6 in terms of image quality, so S6 should take the lead.


The battery life of the iPhone 6 is slightly better than that of the iPhone 5, but it is not high enough to exceed the excellent results obtained by the Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 (2550 mAh) has a more powerful battery than the iPhone 6 (1810 mAh). This is also explained by the difference in size of the two screens. The Galaxy S6 with its induction charging and its autonomy which regenerates by 4 hours for 10 minutes of charging seems to once again take the upper hand.


The iPhone 6 still offers the Lightning connector which is not good news, since nothing justifies this development apart from a forced renewal of compatible devices. The Galaxy S6 uses a USB connector, universal, which gives it the advantage.


Concerning storage, the Korean still takes the advantage with 32 GB for the basic version, against 16 GB at Apple.

Review of

balance sheet-galaxy6-vs-iphone6

On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is undoubtedly better than the iPhone 6 by offering the most advanced components on the market. On the other hand, it is the pleasure of use that will make the difference. Here again, Samsung has managed to integrate some very appreciable developments.

Obviously, you must choose the smartphone that best suits your needs. Technical characteristics cannot be the only selection criterion.