RomStation: play games from the 2000s for free on your PC


RomStation is software for play old Nintendo 64, GameBoy Advance and Super Nintendo games on PC. It is based on a database of thousands of games, most of which delight those nostalgic for the 80s, 90s and a little 2000.

You will be able to rediscover all the sensations of the games of your adolescence, such as StarWars Racer, Mega Bomberman, SuperMario World or even Final Fantasy.

Downloading RomStation is entirely free and its graphical interface is available in French. To easily find the recorded video games, it is possible to filter them according to predefined criteria.

After installing Romstation on your PC you will be able to play games created in their day on old game consoles. It also allows you to play online with human opponents.

You will understand if you wish find the games of your childhood and relive the mythical adventures of Zelda 64, Final Fantasy or Street of Rage ...Download Romstation and take a leap in time!

How to play with Romstation?

First of all, start downloading the EXE file from the main page of the site RomStation lower right.

Then run theRomstation software installation. You probably need to install additional components like DirectX, but don't panic everything is done automatically.

After installation, you will get an interface below:

RomStation interface

To choose a game,

  • Click on Games
  • Go to the search bar and type in the name of the game you want.
  • In this example I'm going to be playing Street Fighter, my favorite childhood game.

Then click on "Download" at the top right. The download time of your favorite game depends on its size, but also on your Internet connection. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

When the download is complete, click play. If the system has different emulators, the program will ask you to choose the one you want to use.

Finally, press "Validate" and you are ready to play.

You will find all the games that you have already downloaded on the "My games" tab.