How to restore the real capacity of a USB stick?

usb flash 1
usb flash 1

Is your USB key faulty? Have you been scammed by a seller of falsified USB keys indicating a larger capacity than it really is?

Obviously by dint of filling this USB stick defective, you will be faced with data loss, the new files erasing the old ones. Because Windows will rewrite over already used parts until the key is completely unusable.

Fortunately, all is not lost, there is a solution to limit the damage:  restore the actual capacity of a USB stick to be able to use it anyway.

Thanks to the tool H2testw, it is possible to restore your USB key to its real capacity.

H2testw is a program to check the status of your USB key and find its real capacity.

To do this, it performs a series of write tests everywhere on your USB key to check if it does not find any errors. It is a simple executable of a few kilobytes requiring no installation and completely free.

How to restore the real size to your USB key?

First of all, download H2testw from the official websiteThen run H2testw and do Select Target.

Normally the true size should be displayed. Then do Write + Verify.

After clicking on Write + Verify, a report is produced giving information on the actual size of your key: a good way to verify its exact size.

If it doesn't work, but you got the true size, use MiniTool Partition Wizard Free to adjust the partition to the correct size.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is renowned for being one of the best partition managers. It can change the size of USB drive under almost all systems Windows.

To do this, launch the program and right click on your USB key then click on Move / Resize.

Finally, adjust the partition to the correct size that you obtained with the H2testw tool.

And There you go ! You now have a working USB drive with its original storage capacity