Reply to Facebook messages automatically

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Are you busy and you don't have time to reply to your friends' messages on the social network Facebook? In this tutorial, we are going to discover a very practical tool that allows you to answer automatically on facebook posts in a simple and efficient way.

Relaxed is an online Facebook message auto response tool. With this service you can schedule an automatic reply to reply to your friends when you are not there.
Once activated, this tool will respond to all messages endlessly and even if you disconnect from your Facebook account.

To get started, go to the autorelaxed site.

Then click on the red button on the home page of the "Get started" site. Choose Facevook by clicking on "Connect with Facebook". Authorize the Relaxed app to access your Facebook account.

You are now logged in with your Facebook account. Now, write an auto response on the site, choose the activation period and finally click on " Activate ».

Here it is finished! And if you may want to change the dates of holidays or you do not want to deactivate this automatic answering machine, then just click on the "button". turn off To stop everything.