Make the taskbar disappear on Windows 10 et Windows 11

stain bar windows 11
stain bar windows 11

La taskbar, it is an invention which is still very good on the part of Windows. Indeed, she allows you to group in a few centimeters all the applications you want.

Besides, if you didn't know yet, it is entirely possible to personalize this taskbar in just a few minutes. Indeed, you can for example drag/drop an icon on this bar to put a shortcut there.

Likewise, by left clicking on a shortcut in your taskbar, you can remove those you do not need. In short, we advise you to modify your taskbar to your liking.

But if you are here, you have another problem with a task bar who comes to annoy you and who just doesn't want to go away ! In this case, we will see here what are the different reasons that can explain this, but also how to overcome this problem.

Finally, know thatit is quite possible to hide this taskbar if you wish, for that, you will have to go to Settings, then in personalization and finally task bar to be able to make it disappear.

It will then only appear when you drag your mouse to the bottom of the screen.

A taskbar that appears suddenly

The first thing that can happen is to have a taskbar that disappears most of the time and then at one point, we don't really know why, decides to appear like that on the screen.

The problem with this kind of burst from the taskbar is that it often looks like you've done a Alt + Tab on the software where you are. This leads to slowdowns at best.

But this can lead to disconnection from certain software, or even cause you to lose some of your work! This sudden onset is usually due to an alert.

Indeed, it is an open application that has had this permission to burst and most often, a Alt + Tab allows you to go back to your software and at worst, you can set your application to no longer be able to send you these alerts.

A taskbar that does not disappear

In itself, having a taskbar that appears from time to time is not so serious, but it becomes a little more annoying when it starts to refuse to disappear when it should.

Indeed, naturally, a taskbar is present as long as you do not have any application that is in full screen mode. But as soon as an application goes there, it is supposed to disappear.

However, there are times when it will simply refuse to do this, even if you exit and return to full screen mode several times. This is probably why you are here!

To resolve this problem, two solutions are available to you. The simplest is to restart the Explorer process.

For it:

  • Open the task manager with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Then click on more details where you will be able to have all the programs running on your machine.
  • Then scroll down to  Explorateur Windows and left click.
  • Choose To restart to restart the program.

You should then see your taskbar disappear then reappear and normally, it should work correctly again. Otherwise, you will have to go to the taskbar settings and check that you are still on the setting where it is present all the time and hides in full screen. If this is not the case, return it to this setting.

Permanently remove the taskbar

If you no longer want a taskbar at all, you will have to return to the menu we were talking about just before which is accessible via Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar. You then have the possibility to adjust the way it is displayed.

Here, you will then be able to purely and simply delete it! If you don't want to be that drastic, but still want to hide it, you can make it only appear when you put your mouse over the bottom of the page where it is supposed to appear.

Finally, if by default the taskbar is at the bottom of your screen, know that on this settings page, you will be able to do whatever you want! From then on, you can move it to the sides or even to the top of the screen. You decide what appeals to you the most!

Hide the taskbar Windows with software

The Windows Club has released a free program for Windows 10, 8 and 7 which automatically hides the taskbar using a keyboard shortcut.
You can download the program Hide Taskbar on the Official website . To use it, simply type the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Esc to hide or show the taskbar.

Automatically hide taskbar on Windows 11

You can hide the taskbar Windows 11  depending on whether you are in desktop mode or tablet mode. It could not be easier:

  • Press and hold or right-click any empty space on the taskbar.
  • Select Settings from the taskbar.
  • On the taskbar settings screen, scroll down and select the “ Taskbar behaviors ».
  • Finally choose Automatically hide the taskbar by checking the box next to it.