Disable spy features Windows 10

windows10 privacy
windows10 privacy

As you certainly know, Windows 10 is configured for spy on its users. It collects what you type on your keyboard, the websites you visit, your location and others. He can even monitor your emails personal information, your calendars as well as your personal files and data.

For fight against Microsoft surveillance, I suggest you install the software Windows Privacy Tweaker from the French company Phrozen and disable spy features Windows 10 easily.

If you want disable Cortana and the other Microsoft crap without getting your hands in the registry, this is the software for you.

This software aims to disable certain features of Windows 10 relating to the automatic collection of personal data by Windows. It allows you to disable the remote desktop service, certain diagnostic tools Windows, update Windows 10, the possibility for third-party applications toaccess your webcam and other features.

Remove cookies from Windows 10

First of all, download Windows Privacy Tweaker.

After extracting it from its archive, the program works as soon as it is opened and does not require any installation on your machine.

To help you get back to control of your pc, Windows Privacy Tweaker offers four categories of settings in which you can act:

  • Service : disables services Windows relating to tracking.
  • Scheduled task : disables scheduled tasks used by tracking software.
  • Registre : disables registry entries Windows linked to tracking.
  • USB Security : blocks writing or reading, disables removable media to fight infections from removable media.

Each cookie is marked with the color red or green. This way you know if the cookie is active or not. With just one click you can deactivate or reactivate it.

Then, you must restart the computer to validate the changes. The software also creates a restore point in case of problems after changes.

I'll now let you dig into Windows Privacy Tweaker, because there are plenty of things worth checking out that will allow you to secure and optimiser Windows 10 as you see fit.