How do I remove blur from my photos?

photo blur
photo blur

Do you have several blurry photos and want to restore some sharpness to your shots? Well know what was impossible yesterday seems to find answers today.

I introduce you SmartDeblur ! While it won't solve all of your problems, it would be worth giving it a try.

Available for Windows and Mac OS allows you to remove blur from a photo. And it works with natural blur related to the lack of autofocus or movement (camera shake).


Stronger, SmartDeblur also allowseliminate or attenuate Gaussian blur, these effects created artificially by software to hide a person or a secret text.

Of course, the result is not up to the "Experts Miami", but we can already realize what is in the photo.

The most impressive results were obtained with snapshots of texts. Completely illegible at the base, they rose sharply enough to be able to use them.


Of course you will have to tickle the different settings to have a convincing result. Fortunately the settings are visible almost immediately, no need to wait for the changes to be applied since they are made in real time.

How to remove blur from these photos with SmartDeblur?

First of all, download and install Smart Deblur. To do this, go to the official website, a demo version is available.

After installation, launch the program.


In Defect type, you can choose between 3 types of correction:

  • Auto-detect Blur: motion blur
  • Out of Focus Blur: blur out of focus
  • Gaussian blur: Gaussian blur

 This is actually the type of blur. The first corrects the lack of focus, the second deals with motion blur while the third corrects the artificial Gaussian blur created by software.
To succeed in removing the blur, just open the image, choose the type of blur correction, and click on Blur Analysis.
The software takes care of the image correction. As simple, SmartDeblur also has options so that you can correct the misfocus manually.
It's scary to think that this software can retrieve our data purposely blurry.
Finally, if you want to hide data on an image, it is better to darken it rather than blur it.