How to control an Android smartphone remotely?

android remote control
android remote control

Want to help someone who doesn't know how to do this or that on their Android device? Does your neighbor constantly have problems with his smartphone?

Remote control is the solution! It allows you to provide technical assistance and advice without the need to be physically present. Here I explain to you how to remotely control an android device with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is software well known to PC users. This is software that allows you to remotely manage another device. It also allows you to exchange files, take screenshots and perform system diagnostics.

As you will have understood, it is above all a question of helping a person with difficulties on their mobile device.

Control an Android phone remotely

On the phone you want remote control, install the application TeamViewer QuickSupport via Google Play.

If you have a mobile Samsung, you will need to activate Samsung Knox to be able to remotely control your device.

Once the setup process is complete, an ID will be displayed on the screen.

On any other device, go to, enter this code and press “Connect with a partner”.

To have all the functionalities of TeamViewer, you must install the full version for Windows or Mac. Then enter this identifier in its interface and you're done.

Once the connection is accepted, you will have access to the entire device Android. You are free to repair what can be repaired as if you were on the bike. It's almost magic!

Notes: To be able to control Android with TeamViewer QuickSupport, your smartphone must be part of the list of devices compatible with TeamViwer.