How to reduce the weight of a photo?

reduce photo weight 1
reduce photo weight 1

With recent digital cameras, the weight of the images quickly becomes problematic: 8, 16 or even 32 MB for a photo!

If you want to put your pictures on the Internet, send them by e-mail or put them on a digital frame, you don't need so much data! Download and install IrfanView.

IrfanView is a small free program capable of reading, modifying and convert dozens of graphics file formats. It is specially designed for photo management. It is mainly intended for beginners in the field, but has all the tools needed to do the work of a professional.

It allows, among other things, to open the following file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

It is also a video player and an audio player capable of playing more than a dozen video and audio formats. As for video and audio files, it recognizes Flash, OGG, MPEG, and MP3, among others.

IrfanView software will allow you to batch reduce the weight of your photos by up to 90% while limiting as much as possible loss of quality. Unsurprisingly, its secret lies in the use of a compression algorithm optimized for this type of exercise.

How to reduce the size of a photo with irfanView?

Open the IrfanView program and click File -> Batch Conversation / Rename then check the box batch conversion.

Choose where the photos to be processed are located. Add the images you want to reduce by clicking Add" or "Add All" (" Add” or “Add all " in English).

Finally click on the button Star Batch down. A new window then opens to indicate the progress of the operation and any warnings or errors.

You can do the same with the JPEG Express software. Be careful, do not name these photos the same as the original, you could overwrite your precious high resolution photos.