How to stop being bothered by advertising calls? Opt for the red list

Dernière mise à jour: 10 mai 2024

We all know this unpleasant feeling of being constantly called by advertising services, sometimes at times when we would simply like to be able to be in peace. If this is your case, you may want to opt for the red list.

Indeed, it is one of the means at your disposal which will allow you to no longer appear on the directories and thus escape some of the calls. Moreover, it is a method that is more effective and less restrictive than block numbers one by one.

Moreover, that's good, because precisely in this article, we will guide you step by step on how to appear on this list. You will see, there are several methods and you can choose the one that suits you best.

What is the red list?

Before we look at how not to be there, let's see how this famous red list that we've been talking about since the start of the game works. To fully understand, we must see how does a directory work.

When you take out a telephone subscription,it is fixed or mobile, your telephone number, as well as the name with which it is associated is transmitted to directories such as the famous Yellow Pages that we all know.

Well, the block list isn't really a list, it's just an exception to this directory. By asking to be included, your telephone line and therefore your name will simply be deleted from the directories.

Do it when taking out the subscription

We have just told you, to appear in a directory, this happens when you take out a subscription with your operator, whether it is a fixed or mobile line.

Well, it is logically with the latter, at that time that you will simply be able to make the request. All you have to do is tell him that you want to be unlisted and he will only have one checkbox on his side.

This is a solution which has the advantage of being very practical and on top of that it will not require any additional effort from you. The only problem is that it asks you to do it when creating a new line. So this will not solve your problem if you have an existing line. However, it is a tip to keep for the next time you open a line for yourself or your loved ones.

do it online

Another way to easily register on the red list is to do it directly from your laptop or your computer. Today, all operators have a website where you can connect.

Go to the latter and go to your customer area. There, you will have different options available to you. With certain operators, for example, you will have the opportunity to register on the red list.

If this option is available to you, you just have to do it. You will then usually be asked for confirmation. Accept and you should now be on the red list. Keep in mind that this will take a little time to take effect.

Ask the phone company to blacklist my phone number

If ever the option is not available on your internet account, you can always make a phone call to your operator. The latter can then confirm whether or not you are already on this red list.

If you are not there yet, you will be able to request to be there in this way. Be careful, you will still have to show your credentials. We therefore advise you to take your invoice with you to provide as much information as possible. prove your identity if necessary.

Some operators do it as standard!

Finally, if you were asked to check if you were not already there just before, it is because certain operators now register you on this red list. We therefore offer you below a list of those who generally register their basic users on this list:

  • Pricetel
  • SFR for mobile
  • Orange for mobile

You now know what this famous red list corresponds to, which we were telling you about just before, but also how to register on it easily and quickly, all with several methods.

Moreover, first of all, it is important to check that you are not already on this red list. If for many operators this was not a basic option a few years ago, it is now much more widespread.

Therefore, if you have opened a line with one of the operators mentioned above in recent years, there is a good chance that you are already part of this list and that you therefore have nothing more to do!