Recover Instagram photos

recover instagram photos 1
recover instagram photos 1

You would like to recover photos stored on Instagram, but the app does not have this feature. No problem with Save-O-Gram, a software that will allow you to download them directly from your account.
Save-o-gram will allow you to save photos from all public Instagram accounts. You will also have the option of printing the selected photos.
With a simple and perfectly polished interface, all you have to do is type your nickname at the top, check the photos you want (or select Select Them All) then click on Download in .ZIP format. After entering the nickname in question, the software will display all the thumbnails of the photos of the nickname.
Please note, your account must be public for this to work. If this is not the case, it will have to be configured as such on your Instagram app the time of the download and then switch the account to private at the end of the process. By the way, be aware that if your account is public, anyone can take your photos with Save-O-Gram.
So here is a fairly practical software for anyone wanting recover Instagram photos or for any cyber detective.