How to put a movie on iPhone and iPad?

put movie iphone ipad
put movie iphone ipad

To download all kinds of large files, the .torrent is essential. However, access to download this file on the iOS platform of the iPhone and iPad is rather sketchy and requires further information.

It is now possible to download to iPhone and iPad that were previously impossible to download without jailbreaking.

Le jailbreak is the jailbreaking of an Apple mobile device to release features and give the user Super-Administrator rights formerly reserved for Apple. The jailbreak therefore makes it possible to remove applications that are impossible to remove, to free up the performance of the device by unbridling the processor, or even to download applications not verified by Apple.

If you install any of these apps, you may have issues with your device warranty, Apple does not accept to take back and repair jailbroken devices. This is why the jailbreak is less and less practiced.

In this tutorial, we will see how to put movies on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking.

Download a movie on iPhone or iPad

Thanks to the Documents application and an online service, you will be able to download and put films on your iPhone or iPad.

Here is the procedure to follow and the necessary prerequisites:

  • First of all, download the free application "Documents by Readdle"from the App Store. This offers a file manager, an integrated web browser and a PDF. It also allows download files to your iPhone and iPad.


  • Then open Documents and tap the compass icon at the bottom right to access the application's web browser.
  • From there, you will need to go find a movie's Magnet link on your favorite French torrent site. Ensure that the work you download is copyright free.
  • Once the link is located, copy it.

  • Also from the Documents application browser, go to the site: this site allows you to download torrent movies almost instantly and securely. You could then get it as a direct download.


  • The download happens instantly. Your movie is automatically placed in a folder with the same name of the torrent. To download and retrieve the film on your iPhone or iPad, click on the download icon.

Congratulation ! You have now downloaded a movie to your iPhone or iPad. It should normally be in the Downloads folder of the Document app. You can easily watch it with the media player integrated in the application.

Finally, note that the free version of the Documents application does not allow the downloading of files larger than 1 GB.