Play all types of videos on your iPhone or iPad

video iphone ipad
video iphone ipad

The free VLC player appeared on the Apstore in 2010, opening the possibility on iPhone to play almost all video formats.

After being removed, the application is back on IOS with two additional features: the integration of Dropbox and a tool for uploading in Wifi.

Step 1

Download VLC for iOS if you haven't already. In the main menu "empty media library", you must add video files. To do this, use the Dropbox feature for example. Press the button in the upper left corner to open the VLC menu. Tap on Dropbox then enter your login credentials.

Step 2
You can also use the WiFi functionality as an alternative. Navigate in the VLC menu and go to " uploder in Wifi ". Activate the option by positioning the cursor on ON. Write down the IP address that is displayed and enter it on your computer browser. Drag and drop video files to Windows window to copy them to VLC.


Step 3

All the videos you add via Dropbox or Wifi are listed in the main menu of VLC.
You will find next to each video its name and size. If you have not watched it before on VLC, you find the mention new. To delete the video, tap Edit then choose delete. To start a video, tap on it.

Step 4

The video opens in the VLC Player. You can rotate your iPhone to make the video change to horizontal format. This feature can be disabled in your iPhone settings. Tap the watch icon then swipe left to right to set the playback speed. The landscape icon allows you to adjust the photo parameters such as light, contrast or even brightness.

Step 5

Tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner to change the display ratio. Several formats are available such as 4: 3, 16: 9. The information, icon or cursor are automatically hidden after a certain period of time. The OK icon takes you back to the video list.