Top 4 plagiarism detection tools

plagiarism detection
plagiarism detection

Are you a student or professional looking to check content against plagiarism? Rest assured, there are a multitude of online services from plagiarism detection. I suggest you discover a list of 4 best anti-plagiarism software tested and rated by me.


Copyscape is undoubtedly a reference software for plagiarism detection. It's really very easy to use. Just copy a URL you want to check. Then Copyscape will bring out the list of web pages likely to have the text of the URL that you will have copied.

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Quetext is also very easy to use. Its interface consists of a simple frame within a web page where you simply copy the text to analyze. Once the analysis has started, you will have to wait a few minutes. The results display the percentage of words or groups of words copied.

Quetext offers 2500 words per month for free. Count 9 euros per month to examine 100 words. In my test text, Quetext was able to detect elements retrieved without modification from various sources on the web.

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Like Quetext, PlageScan has a clean interface. Just copy and paste your content and run a quick search to detect plagiarism on the Internet.

No monthly or annual subscription plans here. The user remains free to use the service whenever he wishes according to the desired volume. An average of one euro per 1000 words.

The trial version is almost 2000 words long. While the tool proved very effective with content from Wikipedia and other sources of academic knowledge, it was unable to identify information copied from national dailies. The reason is a less extensive database than its competitors.

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Easy to use, fast and intuitive interface. Copyleaks is the most comprehensive plagiarism detection service for students, teachers and other professionals.

To detect duplicate content with copyleaks, there are two methods available to you.

  • The first consists of using the web service to submit an entire document or an extract of text.
  • The second is intended for Microsoft Word users. The editor provides an extension to launch an analysis without leaving the word processor, practical. Free for the first 10 pages.

To use Copyleaks, simply create an account on the Copyleaks website. You can scan the first 10 pages for free each month.

On the detection side Copyleaks was convincing in unearthing content from Wikipedia and other web sources and listing sites that used the same formulas.

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