The security of personal data, an important issue for Internet users

anti malware
anti malware

We hear more and more about the importance and value of personal data. In the age of Big Data and connected objects, these are becoming a major concern of Europeans who, according to a study carried out by Symantec, fear for the security of this information.

These concerns are even more understandable when it comes to sensitive data like banking information, and we see more and more data theft. But what is it really?

Merchant sites

Ideal place to retrieve sensitive information such as credit card numbers, merchant sites and various payment systems are a prime target for thieves. Although the majority of payment systems do everything to fight against vulnerabilities and improve the security of their services, like Paypal which invests by acquiring IT security specialists, merchant sites are not necessarily the most secure.

Many merchant sites are also not up to standards despite obtaining certain trust labels as explained this ZDNet article. This is mainly due to the rapid evolution of these certifications and security vulnerabilities. Of course, you should still favor a site with a certification rather than a site that does not.

How to protect yourself?

When it comes to online shopping, be aware that there are secure payment methods that allow you to not reveal any personal information. This is for example the case of Paysafecard which offers a prepaid and reloadable card.

This card incorporates the principles of telephone recharging, you recharge it with cash in points of sale, and can use it to pay for your online purchases. It is in no way linked to your bank account, so you do not risk being the victim of fraud if your data is stolen.
As for phishing, be aware that no company will ask you for personal information by email or post, so do not respond if you receive messages asking for your payment or other information.

Finally, when it comes to social networks, you can also read our article entitled the top 10 scams on Facebook.