Permanently delete hard drive data

permanently delete data
permanently delete data

Last updated: July 16, 2022

As you probably know, just because you deleted a file from the Trash doesn't mean it's gone forever. Of course, you no longer have access to it, but it is still on the hard drive until other files come to take the space it occupied.

To permanently delete hard drive data, it will be necessary to go through a software.

If you have a lot of data to erase, it is better to use a program. The latter will not only delete the data, but overwrite several times where it was stored. bit killer is the software for you.

bit killer is a data deletion software able to permanently delete any file. To do this, BitKiller rewrites random data to your file using the Gutmann method, an algorithm that erases data from a storage medium by rewriting data 35 times.

It is available free of charge and not even requiring installation.

Once you are done with your storage media, no one will be able to find out what was on it, even with a storage utility. data recovery like Recuva.

How to permanently delete hard drive data?

Step 1: Get familiar with the interface

After bitkiller download, unzip the archive and launch the software. On the right, you will find the buttons to add a file, a folder, remove an entry or reset everything.

Then you will have the different erase methods and the items to process on the right of the window.

Step 2: delete the data with the 3 or 7 pass DOD method

Click “Add File” to add a file or “Add Folder” to add a folder directly.

After pointing to the files / folders you want to erase, just do Shred Files. For personal files, we recommend the 3 or 7 pass DOD method. Be careful, because your data will be erased directly without going through the "recycle bin" box!

Once it's complete, your files are permanently deleted.